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Save Money and Successfully Deliver...Every Time...Simple

Delivering Value,
Not Buzz

In most organizations IT is a cost center, so #1 is delivering value to your business partners. They don’t care about the latest buzzword in project management.

They care about results and Breckenridge Consulting does too.

Our Specialists won’t spend time selling you the latest buzz. We keep it simple by working closely with you to bring out the best in your people, your processes and your tools to successfully deliver your business critical IT initiatives.

Our Specialists Deliver Value or Your Money Back

Save Money
1 Specialist = 2 PMs

A Breckenridge Consultant means a Specialist. You will always get the highest professionalism and  exceptional organization and strong leadership.

Our Specialists have been chosen and trained to be able to successfully manage multiple efforts.


Where you may have identified you need two project managers we can successfully deliver with one of our Specialists..

Save Money with 1 Specialist instead of 2 PMs

No Issue Guarantee

How many times have you had to stop everything to have a meeting or worse yet lots of meetings to resolve an issue during a mission critical project?

 This is time wasted.

Even a highly complex cross-functional program, such as an International acquisition, should have NO SHOW STOPPING  ISSUES. if set up the right way from the beginning.

Breckenridge Guarantees Success

Fixing a Rogue Initiative

If you are having challenges with an in-flight project, we can get you back on track for successful delivery.


We complete a quick assessment on where your project is and put together a plan to get you back on track to meeting stakeholder expectations.

Our Specialists can coach and guide your existing project manager or replace as the new project manager. Our Specialists have the ability to quickly on board so we can focus on project delivery.

Our Specialists will get you back on track


People can make or break a program / project. People like the idea of change, but not the practice of it.

Using these two facts we make programs / projects simple by leveraging what your team knows and are comfortable with. We have proven results in building strong relationships across all levels of an organization.


We get everyone on the same page from the beginning so that we spend time focused on delivery instead of re-alignment and miscommunication discussions.


We will work with you to make adjustments where makes sense to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery.


1421 Lexington Ave PMB 254

Mansfield, Ohio 44907

Tel: 330.636.1108

One of our professionals will contact you shortly.

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