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Our Specialists go through the same extensive training. With every Breckenridge specialist you get a knowledgeable professional every time or your money back.

Brecken Coombs
President, CEO, IT Recruiter

Brecken is President and CEO of Breckenridge Consulting. He has over 29 years experience in business management and marketing. With proven results in discovering individual strengths to create the most optimal team for success. Brecken's leadership and strategic focus enable him to leverage to fullest potential what works well in an organization and make modifications where necessary to improve value, not just to a specific department, but value across the organization.

Julie Taylor, PMP
IT Specialist

Julie has over 16 years experience in IT. Julie specializes in  relationship building by facilitating comprehensive project planning, communications with a purpose and audience understanding. Utilization of simplified communications and visualizations to ensure common understanding which greatly reduces the number of unproductive conversations/communications and increases productivity of the team.

Jen Reuss, PMP
Director, IT Specialist

Jen is a specialist with Breckenridge Consulting. She has over 20 years experience in IT. Leading large cross-functional implementations including International acquisitions. Jen's leadership experience in building, influencing and guiding teams through blended methodologies. Molding the team to run as effectively and efficiently as possible by fostering self-motivation, “meeting them where they are”, enforcing accountability and removing obstacles.

Shivani Agarwal, PMP
IT Specialist

Shivani has over 13 years experience in IT. Her technical background has translated to her exceptional ability to be able to relate to and motivate all members of the project team.

Amy Adams, PMP
IT Specialist

Amy has over 12 years experience in IT leading many initiatives within Marketing, Logistics and Finance. 

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